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Before you upgrade to 5.0-1

November 03, 2011 at 08:47 AM | categories: MarkLogic | View Comments

Thinking about upgrading to MarkLogic Server 5.0-1?

As usual, back up everything. I haven't seen any data loss myself, but it is your data so be careful.

If you have made any changes to Docs (port 8000) or App Services (8002), the app-services portion of the upgrade won't happen (but the rest of the server will be fine). If you want to use the new monitoring services, you want that part of the upgrade to happen.

The fix is to revert your changes to ports 8000 and 8002. If you have repurposed either port for cq, you may want to go into cq and export all any *local* sessions before changing anything. Local sessions in cq are tied to local browser storage, which is tied to host and port, so you will lose access to them if you change the cq port. Not many folks seem to use cq's local sessions, but I thought I'd mention it. Whether you use cq on those ports or not, make sure port 8000 has root Docs/ and 8002 has root Apps/ or Apps/appbuilder/ - you can see these checks in Admin/lib/upgrade.xqy, function check-prereqs-50.

If upgrade.xqy decides not to upgrade your App Services configuration, it will log a message "Skipping appservices upgrades, prerequisites not met." at level "error". The rest of the server will function correctly, but you won't get the appservices part of 5.0.

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