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XQUT - Unit Testing in Pure XQuery

September 13, 2011 at 04:06 PM | categories: XQuery, MarkLogic | View Comments

I was working on a couple of pure XQuery projects that needed unit testing. While I could have integrated with JUnit or another existing framework, I really wanted something simple that I could run directly from cq. Hence XQUT.

XQUT will usually be invoked like this:

The cq app server should point to the code you are testing, so that your test suite can import libraries. The eval root is different: it is the location of the XQUT code, so that you only need one copy of XQUT. The external variable SUITE is an XML test suite. A simple test suite might look like this:

The XML is fairly simple. Under the root suite element we have one or more unit elements, each representing a test. The test XQuery can be defined as the lexical value of the element, or as its expr child. The result can be defined by a result attribute or element.

For more sophisticated tests, you can add xsi:type attributes and sequences of result elements. You can also use an optional environment element to import libraries, define variables, and define namespace prefixes. If you add setup elements, these will be evaluated before any tests. The test suite for XQUT itself contains more examples.

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