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MacBook Air 2010 (13.3/1.8/4/256)

December 07, 2010 at 04:22 PM | categories: OS X | View Comments

Mine arrived around 22 November. It seems to be a very well-made laptop, and I'm enjoying its low mass and long battery life. I'm still getting used to the keyboard: I've remapped capslock to control, but occasionally I'll still try to use the fn key as a control key.

This marks my first attempt in about a decade to use OS X as a full-time environment. I've have a Mac of some sort since 1988, but for the past few years I rarely used the latest one (an iMac). I used it for a little audio work, and for the past year for iOS development. For productivity tasks it was usually easier to use my work laptop instead, which ran debian linux at Oracle and Kubuntu or Ubuntu linux at MarkLogic.

One reason for all this was keyboard accessibility. Apple clearly doesn't make this a priority. Even with Universal Access enabled, I'm constantly finding things that only work with the mouse or trackpad. ClipMenu and SizeUp help, but I'm always looking for more efficient ways to work.

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