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Yet another search parser - XQYSP

October 24, 2011 at 01:19 PM | categories: XQuery, MarkLogic | View Comments

If you need something a little more sophisticated that the search parser built into the MarkLogic search API, give XQYSP a try. It supports nested groups, range queries, near queries with distance and ordering, and should be fairly easy to extend.

XQYSP takes a slightly different approach than the Search API or the older lib-parser.xqy, both of which returned cts:query items. Instead, XQYSP returns an abstract syntax tree (AST) as XML. It is up to you, the caller, to transform that AST into a cts:query. That is a little more work for you, but adds a lot of flexibility at the same time. Most of the tasks that used to go into lib-parser-custom.xqy can now be implemented without changing the parser itself. To make it easier to get started, though, I have provided sample code to generate a query from an AST. I hope it is useful.

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