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Intel SSD 510

March 02, 2011 at 07:41 AM | categories: Performance | View Comments

Intel's latest SSD pricing isn't as much of a shift as I had hoped for. As I see it, they have gone from $2.75/GB to $2.50/GB for enterprise-class SSD devices, and capacities have grown to 230-GB per device. That's an improvement, and the performance looks good. The combination of SATA-3 and lower failure rates than consumer-grade SSD may also help justify the price.

While SSD is now the logical choice over 15k-rpm disks, very few deployments use those. Instead, 10k-rpm are the workhorse for disk-heavy enterprise applications. SSD is getting closer, but still costs at least twice as much. Brand-name 10k-rpm SATA disks are available for $0.72-$1 per GB, with capacities up to 600-GB per spindle. It will take a lot of performance-related pain to cross that gap.

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