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Brandlin Ranch Zinfandel

May 19, 2008 at 11:22 PM | categories: home, wine | View Comments

This was an interesting group of wines, each Zinfandel fruit from Brandlin Ranch, on Mount Veeder in Napa Valley (that's in California, on the planet known as Earth, Terra, or Tellus).
  • 1991 Rosenblum (14.1%): group score 22. This had fairly heavy sediment, and a rich earthiness alongside cedar, brambles, and a hint of barnyard.
  • 1993 Rosenblum (13.8%): group score 19. Seemed to be drying out, but still fragrant, with cedar and vanillin prominent.
  • 1994 Rosenblum (14.8%): group score 14. Highest alcohol = best score? There was some sediment, with prominent alcohol in the bouquet.
  • 1994 Franus (14.4%): group score 20. This showed jammy fruit, followed by brambles and vanillin.
  • 1995 Rosenblum (14.3%): group score 35. I thought this one was corked.
  • 1996 Rosenblum (14.3%): group score 16. Typical California Zinfandel, with boiled sweets and raisins.

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