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Smoke in the air

June 26, 2008 at 07:15 PM | categories: home | View Comments

We've had a little smoke in the air, lately. Which picture is from the area around Chiang Mai, Thailand - and which is from the area around San Francisco, California?

I'm skipping wine tastings until I can smell something besides the woodsmoke.

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Over The Counter

June 21, 2008 at 06:30 PM | categories: travel | View Comments

I had to spring Angie out of the joint, tonight. I let her out at 09:30, and they called me around 17:00 - 60 minutes before closing time. She'll have to work off the $30 bail.

I'm not sure why she was picked up. From talking to the young lady at the PHS, I gather that some neighbor decided she was a stray, brought her inside, and panicked because she wouldn't eat anything. Well, she'd had breakfast already.

We'll see how long the collar lasts, this time.

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June 09, 2008 at 11:24 PM | categories: home, wine | View Comments

  • 1999 Bethany, Barossa-McLaren Vale (14.5%). Showed vanillin, pepper, and robust tannins. Group score 13.
  • 2000 Bethany, Barossa-McLaren Vale (14.0%). Some orange in the color, indicating oxidation. Shows strawberries and peppery tannins, but they don't linger in the glass. Group score 27.
  • 1999 T-Vine, Napa Valley (15.4%). Cloudy, with eucalyptus in the nose, leading me to pick this as an Australian. Group score 20.
  • 2000 T-Vine, Napa Valley (14.4%). Fleshy texture, cedar-box, and somewhat hot. Group score 18.
  • 1999 Cedarville, El Dorado (14.5%). Showed vanillin and some light fruit, marred by vegetal notes. Group score 23.
  • 2000 Cedarville, El Dorado (15.5%). Showed some pleasing strawberry and soft tannins, but fell apart into rubbery aromas as the wine opened up. Group score 25.

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